London Clarion Cycle Club

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Part of the National Clarion CC


The London Clarion CC is a section of the National Clarion CC founded in 1894 by staff and readers of the Clarion newspaper, a socialist journal of the day started by Robert Blatchford. The Clarion motto, borrowed from William Morris, is “Fellowship is Life”, thus the aim of the club is to promote goodwill and fellowship through cycling in a tradition started by groups of members who would cycle out to socialist meetings and distribute literature, while enjoying a glass of good ale.


We have an informal approach to organisation with only one “official”, the secretary, who liaises with the national organisation, collects subscriptions, etc. We operate on the basis of mutual assistance and exchange of useful and trivial information, hold irregular meetings and hope to make occasional excursions, such as annual trips to Wortley Hall for the May day bank holiday weekend and France for the Dieppe Raid.


Our principles can be summed up by the slogan of the French revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Membership is open to all like minded cyclists.

Our badge is a modificatiion on the original, 1930s badge of the London Clarion Athletic and Cycling Club.


Badges are available for £5 each plus £ postage, Email the webmaster for further details.