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London Clarion Cycle Club is a non competitive cycling club located in London. We are one London's oldest cycling institutions, founded in 1895. The Clarion cycling movement was itself established in 1894 by staff and readers of the Clarion newspaper, a socialist journal of the day started by Robert Blatchford. The Clarion motto, borrowed from William Morris, is “Fellowship is Life”, thus the aim of the club is to promote goodwill and fellowship through cycling. Our cycling club promotes socialist, anti-fascist, and feminist values while maintaining a collective and politically minded approach.

New Years Day London Clarion Cycle Club Ride 2024.jpg
New Years Day London Clarion Cycle Club Ride 2024.jpg

A Social Cycling Club

We organise club rides every couple of weeks throughout the year, distances vary from 20 to 100 miles and offer a mixture of themed and training rides. At Easter in the Autumn we have club weekends away. Our aim is simple - to enjoy the full spectrum of cycling activities in the company of others; from the recreational through to the competitive.

Club Membership

We welcome new members from all cycling backgrounds and experience levels though as a minimum you should be able to ride at an average speed of 12mph or 20kph. Club membership costs £25 and includes third party liability insurance and discounts at bike shops across London. 

London Clarion Cycling Club Ride.jpg
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