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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is London Clarion Cycle Club based?
    We're based throughout London and have members in North London, East London, South London and West London. We also have a few members who live in Essex, Sussex and Kent.
  • How fast are club rides?
    On London Clarion Cycle Club rides we average between 10 and 12mph so a relaxed pace.
  • What sort of Cycling do you do?
    We primarily do road cycling, and cycle touring, some members also do Time Trials, Road Racing, Cycle Cross, Gravel rides, Mountain Biking and ultra endurance racing.
  • How much does club membership cost?
    Membership costs are as follows - Adult (London Clarion only) £15 Adult (London Clarion + affiliation to the National Clarion Cycling Club including third party liability insurance £25
  • How many members are there in London Clarion Cycle Club?
    We currently have over 200 members, 30% of London Clarion members are Women.
  • Am I fit enough to join?
    London Clarion Cycle Club is a mixed ability cycling club, we never leave a rider behind. Our rides start at a social pace 11mph / 18kph and on rides we often split into smaller groups to accommodator different abilities.
  • Where do rides start?
    Typically, we start our rides outside Servewell Cafe in Bermondsey or a central London location. The ride start location depends on the route and also who is leading the ride.
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