Clarion Cover Third Party Liability Insurance

Since 2018 Clarion Cover, Third party insurance is included as part of the £15 London Clarion & National Clarion Cycling Club membership package!


Why is Third Party Liability Insurance important for Cyclists?

Although third-party insurance is not compulsory for cycling, there is a risk – albeit a small one – of causing damage to an expensive vehicle while you are on your bike. Replacing even a wing mirror on a £50,000 Mercedes is an expensive prospect.

Why you should have 3rd party insurance:

  • Protect against someone suing you, if you caused an accident

  • Saves you paying out the cost of damages you caused in a lapse of concentration

  • One less thing to worry about

What is and what isn’t 3rd party insurance:

  • It is insurance to cover your costs if someone wants to claim against you

  • It protects you against claims you might cause in an accident

  • It isn’t personal injury insurance (that normally costs £100s)

  • It is peace of mind

What am I covered for?

  • Commuting to and from and between work

  • Club runs

  • General riding

  • Sportives, reliability rides, Time Trials (but not bunched races)

How good is the Clarion Covr Third Party Insurance cover?

  • Underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance

  • Max’ cover £5million per incident

  • Anywhere in the world except USA & Canada

  • Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

What’s the worst that can happen?

  • Someone asks you to pay for the costs of damaging a car, or:

  • Another bike, or a personal injury to them

  • And you have to pay out of your own bank account

  • Accidents happen, don’t let it cost you the earth