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London Clarion Cycle Club

London Clarion Cycle Club is a vibrant, inclusive and growing cycling community in London with over 200 members. We welcome riders of all abilities to the Club; some of our members take part in Audaxes and time trials whilst many of our members just enjoy social cycling and cycle touring.


Cycling in London since 1895

Welcome to London Clarion Cycle Club! We're a friendly social cycling club based in London. We are passionate about all types of cycling. London Clarion Cycle Club was established in 1895 by readers of the Clarion Socialist newspaper. If you're looking for a non-competitive cycling club to join with 3rd party liability insurance we'd be delighted to welcome you! For more information see our membership page.

Membership -  £25 for the first year (£20 renewals) and includes Clarion Cover Third-Party Liability insurance, Accident assistance, legal support and a free subscription to the magazines Boots and Spurs and the Clarion.


Benefits - Members get priority access on all club rides and receive discounts at Aztec Bikes, Bike Soup, Brixton Cycles and Lusso Bike.


Activities -  we organise club rides every couple of weeks throughout the year, distances vary from 20 to 100 miles. 


Values - London Clarion Cycle Club is one of London's oldest cycling institutions, founded in 1895. The Clarion motto, borrowed from William Morris, is “Fellowship is Life”, thus the aim of the club is to promote goodwill and fellowship through cycling. We aim to make cycling in London accessible to all without breaking the bank.


Community - We have several active WhatsApp groups for sharing experiences, organising rides and discussing anything to do with cycling. We use Spond to organise club rides and events. 


Affiliations - Affiliated with CTT (Cycling Time Trials), the London Cycling Campaign, and the National Clarion Cycling Club.

If you have any specific questions or if you'd like more information about the club get in touch!


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