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Clarion Sunday 2022

Updated: Feb 27

Clarion Sunday took place this year on Sunday 12th June at the last Clarion House, near Roughlee in Lancashire. Clarion Sunday is a special day for Clarion Cycling Clubs when they get to meet fellow Clarion Cyclists at this historic location and affirm their commitment to the ideals of the founders of the Clarion movement.

Cyclists from many Clarion clubs across the country participated including Barnoldswick Clarion, Blackpool Clarion, Bolton Clarion, Brighton and Hove Clarion, Bury Clarion, Clitheroe Clarion, Crewe Clarion Wheelers, North Cheshire Clarion, National Clarion Cycling Club 1895, Saddleworth Clarion, Stockport Clarion and Yorkshire Coast Clarion.

London Clarion Cycle Club at Clarion Sunday at the Last Clarion House
London Clarion Cycle Club at Clarion Sunday

A good number of other local cyclists also attended in particular from local CTC / Cycling UK Clubs and a large group from Halifax Imperial Wheelers cycling club. All the special meet ribbons were handed out to attendees by early afternoon, so it was estimated that over 300 came in total. It's great to see Clarion Sunday continuing to get more and more popular each year. The amazing volunteers at Clarion House were certainly kept busy making pint mugs of tea for the amazing price of just 60p. All sandwiches kindly donated by Bolton Clarion and cakes made by supporters of Clarion House were much welcomed especially by those who had cycled long distances. The largest cycling club in attendance this year was Saddleworth who organised 3 different rides to Clarion House.

It was also lovely to hear the East Lancs Clarion choir as well as see launch of the updated version of the amazing book Fellowship is Life with a foreword by his widow and Clarion choir singer Wendy Pye.

Clarion Sunday 2023 will take place on Sunday 11th 2023. Clarion House is open every Sunday throughout the year. This is a photo of the meet ribbon handed out to everyone who came long.

Clarion Sunday 2022 Meet Ribbon
Clarion Sunday 2022 Meet Ribbon


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