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Suncycling Odyssey: 4-Month Journey on a Solar Bike

Updated: Feb 27

The amazing long distance cyclist Fiona is on an epic journey to cycle 5,500 miles on a Solar Bike to help raise awareness of Climate change. On our London Clarion Cycle Club run yesterday it was a great honour for 12 London Clarion Cyclists to be able to accompany Fiona on her ride into London for the next part of her adventure.

London Clarion Cyclists with Fiona a French Student Cycling the UK with a solar powered bicycle
London Clarion Cyclists with Fiona a French Student Cycling the UK

As part of our ride into London from Harlow we took the opportunity to visit the site of the former London Clarion clubhouse in Nazeing Essex which was open between 1913 and 1920 as well as the site of the former Clarion Socialist Youth Hostel in Hoddesdon. We also visited the site of Sylvia Pankhursts Red Cottage and Anti-War Memorial (Slyvia Pankhurst was both a Suffragette and Clarion Cyclist).

Dr Sheila Hanlon who researches the social and political history of women's cycling explains in "the Pankhursts: Clarionettes and Suffragettes" that Cycling was a family affair for the Pankhursts, Dr Richard Pankhurst (1834-1896) was an avid cyclist and prominent member of the Clarion Cycling Club. His wife Emmeline cycled as well as their 3 daughters all cycled. Unlike most cycling organisations of the time Clarion Cycling Clubs extended membership to women from its foundation in 1895.

To learn more about Fiona and her Suncycling Odyssey you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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